One of many heroes of tomorrow.

Her mother brought her to the praxis. It was some weeks after a failed suicide attempt and I was the fourth therapist in a row.

„I do not need another therapist.“ This was the good-bye-phrase to her mother at the doorstep. „This woman will not be the last to bite her lips bleedy on me.“ This was meant to be a threat. Then she turned around to stare at me, dressed in black and yellow shoes, her face a mixture of anger and fear, her legs shaking. The mother, a perfect looking woman with…

Celebrate yourself!

Dear human friend,

Today I am calling out to you. For living Peace! For unconditional Love! For true Acceptance!

Because living peacefully, loving unconditionally and accepting truly is what encourages magic to enter our world.

Living peacefully, means doing no harm, beginning with myself. Loving unconditionally, means anyone, myself, expectationless. Accepting truly, means being honest with myself and others, accepting whatever consequences, embracing them in a peaceful and loving state.

But how is it possible? Can we do it at all? In this society? In the twenty-first century?

It starts with yourself. Learn to be good to yourself and start…

“You must be nuts.” — Accepting the choices of anyone.

Another dream — I hope at least…

“If you do not get vaccinated, you are a danger for your clients, you behave irresponsible and you might lose us as friends.” I heard them say. “It is important that all weak and elder people stay healthy and you are therapist, you have no free choice here.” They added.

“Why can we not reconcile with our pure nature?” I wondered. …

You are only responsible for those thoughts you focus on!

You are not your thoughts. You are your soul. That means, you are not responsible for this ocean of thoughts that floats through you every moment of your life. It rather means, that you are responsible for those thoughts, to which you pay attention. Those, you focus on!

When I woke up tonight, everything was different.

I found myself swimming. And the water was not real water, even though it seemed to me like I needed to move as if I were swimming. I tried to keep my head up. And I felt as if I was one with that…

Live, human friend, live and enjoy life!

Dear Life,

you have changed quite a bit since I experienced birth. And at the same time, you have not changed at all.

I am so sure, so so sure that this warm hug, that this universal embrace of unconditional love — which lies around us every moment of us being in this limited human form in this very realm — is with us wherever we go.

And for all my family members, my clients, and my friends for everyone around me. Who does not yet, trust in the process of life, I…

What if — That special someone! That special purpose!

We are all waiting for that special someone to appear on the stage outside of us. We are all waiting for butterflies in our stomach and fireworks above us in the sky once this special someone arrives. Boom. The soulmate. Finally, we are able to meet that person made for us.

What if we are searching for someone, awaiting one’s arrival in our life, while this someone already exists? If this special someone has long been with us? What if this soulmate already shares its life with us since we have been born on this place called earth? What if…

An Astral Journey to Love.

I was lying on my back, the warm bedsheet wrapped around me. My skin was clearly feasible. My boundaries had me realize that I was I. At the same time, I was flying through space and time. Boundaryless. The bedsheet became part of me, I became the space around me. My clear boundarylessness had me realize that I was all that was surrounding me.

“Remember,” the voice spoke. “Remember who you are. And then, reconcile with the You. Become you. This is the only cure.”

The voice seemed to me like a bird chirping its most beautiful song.

“Enjoy the…

A conversation with Gaia.

“One day,” Gaia spoke, “one day humankind became aware of his physical and energetical weaknesses comparing himself to all other beings around, and as such of his mental strengths. He decided to trade. Intuition for intelligence. Trust for doubt. Encountering the unknown for controlling the known. Consciousness of what might be magic for knowledge of what can be explained. Open space for closed rooms. Being for becoming someone else. Timelessness for deadlines. Letting go for craving. Imagining for creating tight mindsets.

That was the first day for a humankind, that imprisoned himself into a self-made replica of Plato’s Cave. The…

Falling in love. With ourselves.

Dear human friend.

The spiritual path to enlightenment, what exactly is it? And what happens if I follow it? Or, if not? Does it actually make a difference? And if so, what would this difference be like? And what if, as others like to say, the path, the way to the goal, already IS the goal? Should I then bother at all? Have I not reached enlightenment the moment I started walking the path? …

Go, Play Life!

Imagine, you are swiping faces left and right on the screen of your mobile phone. Nothing special. Until you find yourself. Your face, your profile, one-hundred percent match. You are astonished and swipe yourself to the right. All of a sudden, you find yourself chatting with yourself. You ask the other you about its favorite hobbies or food and you start, becoming aware of your true inner feelings, thoughts and visions, because you can be honest to the other you. You need not to act as one you assume you should act like. You can be just you. Pure you…

Princess Gaia

Fall in love with our planet and enjoy the writings of a storytelling therapist — (aka Princess Gaia -

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