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“Make a wish, a goal for the future, something that you want to accomplish. Today, tomorrow, in twenty years, …

Make one, or two, or more.

And then write down the sentences that come.”

This was the exercise, that I asked my friends to do, this one night, when we were sitting all together at the dinner table.

And I myself did the same.

“Now, when everyone has finished,” I said to the others, “rewrite your sentences into the past in a way that it seems as if the things have already happened, as if the wishes have already become reality.”

The others became silent, started smiling, and did what I had asked for. The silence was somehow divine already and the others did not know, what else was there to come. In grateful silence I rewrote my future visions as well, into past tense as if they had already happened.

I looked at my three sentences, that had arisen in these last minutes. And I was at awe of the outcome already, knowing, that the next task would make my game complete. ‘The game already is complete,’ I thought to myself. ‘I am complete, and the world is as well.’ The smile became bigger, my eyes were glowing in high joy of the next step.

“Next,” and this I spoke almost celebrating the words coming out of my mouth, “please stand up, one after the other, and read out your past-tense-sentences aloud to the others. Then go into the feeling of how it feels, having accomplished these things. And then let the others cheer for you and celebrate you.”

I looked around, proud of having invented this exercise, and to my surprise I found not only happy faces… some seemed scared and shocked of what was to come, they were hiding a bit behind the sheets of paper in front of them. Nevertheless, some seemed excited, as if they could not wait to be the ones reading.

And so, I decided to read first. I got up from my chair and stood there. All eyes on me. My three sentences were:

“I have spent my Christmas eve with my son.

My life’s work has successfully planted a seed of self-responsibility, ownership and loving kindness into the whole universe.



Princess Gaia

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