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Princess Gaia
5 min readDec 15, 2018

Princess Gaia (PG) “interviews”: The Ego and the True Self

PG: Good Morning, Ego, hello, True Self. Wonderful to have you here today. For everyone, who does not know, who you are, please introduce yourselves to the readers.

EGO: Anyone, who does NOT know me? Well, Princess, if anyone would not know who I am, this would confuse me. First and foremost, I am the real identity of everyone — be it a soul, a creature, a human being. I am, who you are in looks, intelligence and mind-set. But at the most, I am your survival mechanism, which means. If there was no me, there would not be you. Your underlying fears, your search for safety and security, your need for control, your quest for power. Are me, the Ego. And I am the one, that gives you permission to have pleasure, get affection and be recognized by others. I am defined by what you value — soul, creature, human — as a society or culture.

TRUE SELF: Well, Princess, it is a little difficult to put into words, who I am. I have the feeling, that you, humankind, when you developed language, you hardly invented words, which could describe me, because you did not know much about my existence in these days. However, one thing I can say, telling you about myself, is that I am connected with all creation, all existence, in a way most are unaware of. I like to call myself “unity consciousness”, because it creates a sense of being One with all there is while transcending the pettiness of the Ego. You can maybe sense me, when you change into a state of being in which you have less of a drive. In which you are not thinking about survival. In which you are not giving your separate individualism too much of attention.

PG: Thank you, you two, for this wonderful introduction. So, if you say, Ego, that it is all about survival and you, True Self, say it is not. Explain me both a little more in detail, why you are here on Earth, what you do and how your existence is important for humankind.

EGO: Why am I here? Are you kidding me, Princess? My reason for existing is obvious. Isn´t it? Let me ask you — creature, soul, humankind. Who exactly are you? Name? Age? Profession? Religion? Education? Power? Wealth? Looks? Value-system? Collect even more. Accumulate all things. And then this identity, this whole you, this is me, the Ego. Without me, you would not be, who you are, a…

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