Princess Gaia — Playing with Memes.

Princess Gaia
9 min readApr 11, 2019

Dear human friend. Let us play a game with colours and Memes. And imagine, that this is more than a game. Let me tell you a tale of colours and Memes. And imagine, that this is more than just a story. Let us dream a beautiful dream. And imagine, that life is that dream.

(for the readers, who need a basic understanding of Memes, please read the previous article first)

The planet is a mixture of colours. Beige in some areas, where rocks and mountains rule. Purple, red, blue, orange, green and yellow in the world of plants and animals and things, everywhere a bit or more of it. And turquoise in huge amounts, as seventy percent of the Earth surface consists of water.

If we look at our Planet through the eyes from outer space, then we might see something like the first picture below. And if we look upon the global human Meme distribution through the lenses of Spiral Dynamics, we might look at a chart like the second picture. Imagine, the planet’s colour model would be a chart of Memes. Keeping in mind, that each new Mem-model includes all previous models or differently spoken, that each new whole is the part of an emerging newer whole, both estimations are beautiful. Plus, knowing, that turquoise contains any Meme or colour, both charts are even more so beautiful, because we find all Memes in each of us, and while we adapt to the environment, we chose the Meme model for ourselves, which we believe to be of importance for our survival to be expressed more than the others. If we take an even closer look, the planet’s colours and humankind’s Memes, put together would make an even as beautiful and new whole chart, like the picture in the beginning of this article.

This is not a true story. It rather is a playful experiment. It is played to bring about joyful laughter, to open up your awareness on to all the beautiful colours of our world, you might not recognize momentarily, because your everyday life has so many other aspects to take care of. It is written to bring you peace and conciliation within yourself and to show, that you are just right the way you are and to make you realize, that you, me and anyone has every colour, every Meme, inside of us. Beautiful we are, the Planet, the things, the beings.

Princess Gaia

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