What if we could play instead of struggle?

Princess Gaia
2 min readFeb 6, 2022


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If suffering brings us closer to ourselves, it serves us to become aware of who we are.

We would lose connection to our uniqueness and beauty as soon as there is only ease.

How is it possible to see black in black, or white in white?

And what if everything is colorful?

If the reality we find ourselves in is only an illusion, then none of our possessions really exist.

We would never loose someone or something the moment they get lost.

And are we able to perceive safety at all when noticing danger ensures our survival?

What if the two are the same thing?

If climate would not change constantly, then we would not become aware of its importance.

We would not communicate with nature or seriously take it as an equal stakeholder of life.

How can we recognize the miracle of life when we ourselves are living miracles?

And I wonder if there is anything that is not a miracle?

If there were no questions in this world, there would not be any search for answers.

We would search for questions instead, as the answers would wait to be recognized.

And what if we had not motivation for finding a meaning of life or a purpose?

What would we do as human beings on earth?

Being human on this place called earth seems like some weird thing. And as we are the ones who probably chose this life we live, why are we not living it happily? Why would we complain about the challenges that allow us to profoundly embody this creation of ours? Why would we want to struggle and race against the wall if the other option would be playing and floating easily with the wind in our backs?

Hmmmm, human friend. Are there any ideas? If not, don’t worry and keep on playing. All answers to my questions already exist somewhere. And they will probably come across us at some point.

With love and a deep bow.




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