The Blockage-Potential-Paradox

Princess Gaia
3 min readOct 16, 2022

Do your f** homework.

Photo by José Maria Martins on Unsplash

It is our nature as human beings, to put things and ideas into boxes, and this brings about the tendency of “if-then-logic”, or “bad-good-judgments”, or “one-and-the-other-distinctions”. Thus, this linear thinking that arises, creates judgements, attachments, expectations and opposites.

We perceive — as example — a place in our system, in which not a full flow-through can happen, and we give it a judgmental connotation. “This is a blockage”, we might say. Because this is what we usually do to such an area, interpret it as ‘blockage’, which is the opposite of ‘potential’.

This empowers the belief that there are worse paths in life that stop us from developing and growing and that there are better paths that let us grow and develop faster.

If we do that instead of this, we can become a better human, or it might enable us to come into full potential (faster). And if we do the other, the potential gets blocked and thus, growth gets limited.

The truth is, we have no limit at all to our potential. We are made to grow and change continuously for our entire lives. And our potential is at hand. We are here to learn about our ideal self in alignment with our innate nature of who we are.



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