The Blockage-Potential-Paradox

Princess Gaia
3 min readOct 16, 2022

Do your f** homework.

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It is our nature as human beings, to put things and ideas into boxes, and this brings about the tendency of “if-then-logic”, or “bad-good-judgments”, or “one-and-the-other-distinctions”. Thus, this linear thinking that arises, creates judgements, attachments, expectations and opposites.

We perceive — as example — a place in our system, in which not a full flow-through can happen, and we give it a judgmental connotation. “This is a blockage”, we might say. Because this is what we usually do to such an area, interpret it as ‘blockage’, which is the opposite of ‘potential’.

This empowers the belief that there are worse paths in life that stop us from developing and growing and that there are better paths that let us grow and develop faster.

If we do that instead of this, we can become a better human, or it might enable us to come into full potential (faster). And if we do the other, the potential gets blocked and thus, growth gets limited.

The truth is, we have no limit at all to our potential. We are made to grow and change continuously for our entire lives. And our potential is at hand. We are here to learn about our ideal self in alignment with our innate nature of who we are.

And the more we learn about us, the easier we can rediscover, reunite, reconcile with who we really are. And then it only is about working every day to be just that. It is about doing our homework, about finding ways to come back home.

So, imagine changing perspective and renaming a blockage into “potential”. What would that do to us, what to the moment, to the other person?

In the most beautiful of all worlds, blockages (aka potentials) lead to motivation to learn more about ourselves (and the world). This would bring about awareness, communication with our own system, growth, change, and transformation.

Of course, this transformation can happen in many directions. It might even lead into a deeper blockage. And still, the bigger the blockage gets, the greater the potential of growth might become possible. Thus, blockages are only reminders that let the potential of growth show to its full extend.

This means, that there is no limit to human potential. Life is only about coming a bit closer every day to who we want to be, a bit closer to home, home in us.

Above all, developing our full potential is an active choice, a decision, and a process that each one of us individually owns. We are not healing or fixing, we are already fixed and healthy, all we need to do is to realize, that. being human ist only about growing and thriving.

And in these means, I encourage you, human friend to live up to the infinite potential that you are. Practice and cultivate being who you are. Find your way home by doing your f** homework!

With love and a deep bow.

Julia (aka Princess Gaia)



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