A way to change — oneself and society.

This is a story on how to deal with scapegoating.

Felix started crying, the very moment I asked him, why he was here.

Felix was a young man of about twenty-one. He was tall, handsome, well-dressed and one could tell that he was of privileged upbringing. Still, his posture showed…

See you on the other side.

Where do you stand, son of man?

What after all is fear?

This is only life,

a part of something bigger

than you can ever imagine.

And is possession real or illusion?

You own much more today

than you could ever have imagined

besides yourself.

The time has come, humankind.

The Spark of Light.

Gaia spoke.


Imagine yourself being a little spirit. A glimpse of a spark of light. Imagine yourself finding a womb to settle into.

Imagine that way down deep within this womb where you settle into, you — the little spark of light — come to realize how much magic…

Inviting Peace.

“The sensations we feel, the thoughts we have, the words we speak, the actions we take… all of that comes from one source. From the source of absolute truth. From the pure soul. From the place which lies beyond what we are able to even grasp with our mind. …

„The hut is on fire“

Explanation beforehand: “The hut is on fire” (“Die Hütte brennt”) is a German expression for when we find ourselves in a threatening, difficult not any longer controllable situation.

Dear human friend.

It is 1982 and the young me has her first week at school. We have a task to solve…

One of many heroes of tomorrow.

Her mother brought her to the praxis. It was some weeks after a failed suicide attempt and I was the fourth therapist in a row.

„I do not need another therapist.“ This was the good-bye-phrase to her mother at the doorstep. „This woman will…

Celebrate yourself!

Dear human friend,

Today I am calling out to you. For living Peace! For unconditional Love! For true Acceptance!

Because living peacefully, loving unconditionally and accepting truly is what encourages magic to enter our world.

Living peacefully, means doing no harm, beginning with myself. Loving unconditionally, means anyone, myself, expectationless…

“You must be nuts.” — Accepting the choices of anyone.

Another dream — I hope at least…

“If you do not get vaccinated, you are a danger for your clients, you behave irresponsible and you might lose us as friends.” I heard them say. “It is important that all weak and elder people stay healthy and you are therapist, you…

You are only responsible for those thoughts you focus on!

You are not your thoughts. You are your soul. That means, you are not responsible for this ocean of thoughts that floats through you every moment of your life. It rather means, that you are responsible for those thoughts, to which you pay attention. Those, you focus on!

When I…

Princess Gaia

Fall in love with our planet and enjoy the writings of a storytelling therapist — www.julia-hayden.de (aka Princess Gaia - www.princess-gaia.com).

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